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These are the spellings the children are expected to know.

Spellings for the autumn term 2018

Homework Thursday 6.12.18. (Due Tuesday 11th)

Arithmetic pages 35 - 43

Mathletics (make sure you get at least 7/10 on each task, before you move on).


As there is less written homework set this week, I would like you to take the opportunity to crack on with learning those year 5/6 expected spellings.

The last spelling test of the term will be an assortment of all the spellings you have been set so far this year, so it's also a good idea to check you remember them!


Homework Thursday 29th November (Due Tuesday 4th)

Reading fiction: pages 36 -41

Spelling: 31 -34

Number: 7,8,30 and 31


Homework Thursday 15th November.

I would like you to produce an information text about the Tower of London. You may produce this however you like, but I do expect it to be of a high standard. 

Make sure you include information about the history of the Tower, the people who built it, stayed there, were executed there etc. You may talk about it as a visitor experience / tourist attraction now, if you wish. 

You may add pictures to your work and you may hand write it or produce it on the computer, but DO NOT cut and paste text from the internet.

This is due in by next Tuesday at the latest.

Homework Thursday 8th November. (Due Tuesday 13th)

Poetry pages 14 - 19

Grammar pages 12 and 13, 39, 52 and 53 

Statistics pages 35 - 38 (make sure you use a ruler for graphs)

Mathletics - just 2 tasks this week, so take the opportunity to brush up on times tables if you need to.


Barvember - a fun challenge for the brave!

Get your parents involved. Can you solve the problem together, using bar models? Show your parents how bar models work!


Annie and Bill have £219 in total. 

Annie gives Bill £35

Annie now has twice as much as Bill.

How much money did Annie have at the start?

Homework Thursday 1st November (Due Tuesday 6th November)

Reading, fiction: pages 12 - 20

Number: pages 1 AND 14 - 18

Spelling: Pages 46 - 49


Times tables if these are not totally secure for all times tables.

Homework Thursday 18th October. (Due Tuesday 30th)

Arithmetic. Pages: 17 - 22

Reading. Poetry: pages 8 - 13

Grammar. Pages 46 - 50

Mathletics. (New and old tasks)

I have reassigned many activities to those who have got a lower score. If you get a score of less than 80%, try the activity a second time, or come and ask for help (just like you would do your corrections in class). I am happy to work with you at lunchtime if any of the activities are proving too challenging.

Homework Thursday 11th October (due Tuesday 16th)

Reading fiction: pages 2 -11

Spelling: 2 - 3 and 22 - 23

Arithmetic: 13 - 16

Mathletics as set.

Homework Thursday 4th October. (Due Tuesday 9th)

Reading - non-fiction. Pages 2 - 11

Number and ratio. Pages 2 -4 and 19 - 20

New mathletics tasks.

French (on sheet sent home) Learning days of the week and the weather (orally, not written).


If anyone has difficulty accessing mathletics at home, come and talk to me and you may do this at break time in school, but ensure it is still completed by Tuesday.

27th September  (Due Tuesday 2nd October)

Well done for such a great start to homework in year 6!


Spelling book: pages 4 - 7

Poetry: pages 2-7

Arithmetic: pages 7-11


As always, you need to be learning spellings and times tables. There are no mathletics set for this week.

20th September. (Due Tuesday 25th September)

Grammar book: pages 2-3 and 8-11

Punctuation book: pages 2-5

Arithmetic book: pages 2-6 and 10-11



If you do not understand anything, or need any help, please ensure you have spoken to either myself or Mrs. Souter by Monday at the latest. We will be happy to help you.

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