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These are the spellings the children are expected to know.

SATS Homework Club

Mrs Ratley will be running homework club for year 6 on a Tuesday and Thursday from 8.15 - 8.45.  Tuesday will be a Literacy focus and Thursday will be a maths focus.  The children are expected to write the topics they would like to cover on a sheet of paper on their classroom door.


On Tuesday 30th January we will be covering word classes.

On Thursday 1st February we will be covering multiplication using decimals




Half Term holiday

The children have all brought home their mock SATs papers to correct. They need to look at where they lost marks and see if they can now correct those answers. Any areas that are still proving tricky need to be brought to our attention when we get back next week.


There are a lot of outstanding mathletics tasks on algebra and long division. You should aim to get more than 85% correct on each task. Again, if there is something you don't understand, ask an adult in school.



This week the children have all been given a famous London landmark to research. They need to present their information in an interesting poster that we can put on our London display. Work can be handwritten or presented in a word document, but children must write the information in their own words. We want to see high level English being used to create an interesting text, not just a list of information. Pictures can of course be used too. 


Mathletics tasks have been set on algebra to reinforce our learning in school this week.



I see nearly all of you have completed your mathletics already, so well done! Those of you who have been finding one or more of the tasks tricky may want to come and ask one of the adults for support so sort out any confusion you may have. It is worth persevering so you really understand these tasks, which will help in class.

As most of us are going to be away for the weekend, which is when I know lots of you do your homework, I have decided not to set any written work this week. However, I do still expect reading and times tables practise on the days you are home please. Normal homework will resume from next week so watch this space!



As it is the first week of mathletics, I have only set 3 tasks as a follow up to work done in class. All children have been given cards with log in details. 

There is French revision for vocabulary learnt last year, plus a choice of 3 levels of English homework, again revising use of direct speech marks. Only choose 1 of the 3 levels, but make sure the challenge is correct for you.


Apologies for the late posting, but there have been problems for me getting on site to edit the page.

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