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Autumn Term

Our theme this term is 'Space Invaders' where we start on an intergalactic journey through our solar system and return to Earth and the Moon to explore man's desire to understand the mysteries of the unknown.


Covering many scientific concepts, we investigate space through mankind's adventure to Earth's natural satellite and link poetry, fiction and non-fiction texts in our space odyssey.  Theories about space and ancient astronomers will be discussed as well as pondering on the wonders of Stonehenge and the ancient pyramids - did they have some celestial significance?


Our journey looks at the International Space Station and we investigate a voyage to Mars and potential human settlement in the future.


We incorporate art and design technology activities alongside scientific investigations, as well as learning French vocabulary linked to our topic. Our exciting trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester during October will fuel our appetites for finding out more about the mysteries of space.  


Are you ready Year 5, for our epic journey?

Does the Earth rotate? How can we prove it?

Does the Earth rotate?  How can we prove it? 1
Does the Earth rotate?  How can we prove it? 2
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