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Now that the easing of lockdown has begun and schools are beginning to re-open from 1st June, the situation has become rather more tricky to manage.


Schools have been given some guidelines to follow, which have been the basis for our plans.  The top priority is the safety of all pupils and staff.  Using the 2m distancing rules, our classrooms can only safely accommodate a maximum of 9 children, however some leeway can be given particularly by seating children from the same household together.


Due to the fact that we must now work in "social bubbles", we can only safely man 5 groups of children with the number of staff available.  Given the increase in key worker parents returning to work, we now have a need for 3 key worker groups.  As a result we can only safely re-open to reception only.  

The key worker guidelines given by the government on 20th March still remain the same, so please check to see if you are eligible.  As we are restricted in numbers, we ask for you to please provide evidence of your key worker status (if you have already done so, you will not need to do this again).  Unfortunately, we have to set a maximum safe number of key worker children at 27 families.  If we do not have space for your booking you will be informed as soon as possible.

It is essential that all key worker children notify the school office in advance for their childcare arrangements.  We are working in 2 week blocks and will continue to do so until the restrictions have been lifted.


We will not be allowing any alternative adults to pick up children from childcare unless it is an emergency situation.  You should be dropping and collecting your child yourself, unless the other adult lives in your household.  This is for the safety of our staff and other pupils.  No children (year 5 and 6) will be allowed to come to school or walk home unaccompanied.


When dropping your child off, please maintain social distancing of 2m between all families.  No parents will be allowed on to the school site unless they have arranged an appointment in advance.


All children must come into school via their group's designated entrance and at the allotted time.  Any children arriving late, will have to enter the school once all other groups have finished their entry.


Please use the grids below to request emergency provision and email us at or in an emergency, telephone the school office during normal school hours 01284 787353 (please note many staff will be working from home wherever possible, so don’t expect an immediate response).


We will endeavour to stay open for this emergency childcare, however if our staff levels become a safety risk, we may still have to close.  We will do everything we can to ensure we stay open for emergency childcare for however long we are needed.


Thank you all for your support.


Mrs Ratley

4th May - 15th May Emergency Provision Request Form

Emergency Childcare Notification Request Form

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