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Good morning Osprey.

Please can I bring your attention once again to the link below to the White Rose maths scheme. If you follow this link, it will give you daily lessons, plus questions and the answer sheet. It would be a really sensible idea if you were all working through this every day, to make sure you are keeping up with your maths learning.
Also, if you click on the top 'home learning' tab on the right hand side, not the year 6 one, then scroll to the bottom, you will see you can access the Power Maths text book online. (They don't have the workbook though.) Algebra is from page 86, but if you feel you are still wobbly on percentages, find that chapter and work through that.
Remember, if there is something you don't understand, I am here to help you - be as specific as possible in your question.

I would be grateful if you could message between each other to remind your classmates to check out this thread regularly, plus the class pages, mathletics (I've just set some more) and Purple Mash.


Thank you


Mrs. Pennistone

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