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Homework Thursday 17th October (due Tuesday 29th)

Over half term, I have set mathletics tasks, but no written work. 

Take this opportunity to learn times tables and spellings.


Keep reading widely and often!

Homework Thursday 10th October (due Tuesday)

Arithmetic pages 8 - 11 AND 13 - 14

Poetry pages 8 - 13

Spelling pages 2 - 5


Daily spelling practise and reading

Learn times tables if you don't know them confidently

Homework Thursday 3rd October (due Tuesday 8th)

Punctuation pages 16-19

Arithmetic pages 4-7

Reading non-fiction pages 2 - 11


Times tables practise

Daily reading

Homework Thursday 26th September (due Tuesday 1st)

Number, ratio and algebra pages 1-4

Reading fiction pages 2-11

Grammar pages 8 - 11


Weekly spellings

Daily reading

Homework Thursday 19th September (due Tuesday 24th September)

Spelling book pages 6 - 7

Arithmetic book pages 1 - 3

Reading poetry book pages 2 - 7

Mathletics tasks

Learn spellings

Read daily

These are the spellings the children are expected to know.

Spellings for the autumn term 2019

Spellings for Spring Term 2020

Spellings for the summer term 2020

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