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Term Dates and PD days for 2017/2018

Autumn Term: 4th and 5th September PD days (6th pupils back).

                        Friday 6th October PD day

                        Friday 20th October PD day

                        23rd - 26th October half term break

                        19th December - last day for pupils

                        20th December - 2nd January Christmas holidays


Spring Term:  3rd January - PD day

                       4th January 2018 - Pupils back.

                       12th - 16th February half term break

                       29th March - last day for pupils

                       30th March - 13th April Easter holidays


Summer Term:  16th April - pupils back

                          28th May - 1st June - half term break

                          24th July - last day for pupils

                          25th July summer holidays


Pupils back for September 2018 on Wednesday 5th September (this is likely to be a PD day and pupils back on 6th September but this is yet to be confirmed).

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