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Week 1. 23.3.2020.

  • Mathletics tasks as set
  • Purple Mash 2Dos
  • Daily reading
  • Begin to look at SATs booklets for all 3 subjects. (Remember to pick the correct challenge level on the maths and that you DO NOT need to print everything out - you should be able to read it online and complete the work on paper.)
  • This Wednesday, Steve Backshall has said he will be doing a live lesson at 9.30am on Youtube.
  • Wednesday, 1pm, Steve Backshall will also be answering questions, live on a variety of channels on many school-related topics, should you wish to tune in.
  • Over the next 3 weeks, up until Easter, work on a magazine article about how landscape affects population for a children's version of a magazine similar to National Geographic. I would like you to think about the things we learnt earlier about cities, mountains and rivers. You could include how the landscape was formed, how the rivers develop throughout their journey and geographical differences between different areas of the United Kingdom. Consider the impact on human population and urban development of the landscape and available resources. How you present your article is up to you, but remember what you learnt about writing newspaper articles. Over the coming days, I will try to catch up with google classroom to aid your ability to share your articles with me, so make sure they are of a high standard, both grammatically and in presentation. Remember, you learn nothing by copying and pasting from the internet!
I have attached the teaching and practise text for lesson 1 of Algebra. A couple of the pages are upside down, sorry. (Not techie enough as I thought I'd rotated them, but clearly not.) Obviously, I can't scan and paste the pages every day, but it was just to give you an idea of what the books were like, in case you were interested. 6B should take children up to Easter's learning and 6C will cover the rest of the year. Let's hope that won't be necessary!

Look at the attached grid for other activities to challenge and engage you in your learning. See how many you can do, but remember, high standards in ALL tasks are of the greatest importance. 

If you are going to do it to the best of your ability!

Tasks to choose from until Easter.

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