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Week 4 20.4.2020.

Welcome back after the Easter break. 


Maths: Over this week and next, look at White Rose Home Learning content (link on home learning page). Week 1 and 2: ratio

            You will find explanation videos and a link to a short worksheet and answers. If you have the Power Maths book, or are accessing

             it through the White Rose pages (at the bottom of this link, please work through the 9

             lessons of unit 12, from page 153 of Practice Book 6B.

Science: on the start of the home learning page.

R.E.  Watch the short video by Stephen Fry on Humanism ( ), then create your own

         poster on Humanism.

         Extension: see what similarities and what differences you can identify between Humanist beliefs and those of other faiths we have


Mathletics tasks as assigned.

Purple maths various tasks on different subjects - choose what you would like to do first. 

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