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Week 5. 27.5.2020.

Maths: follow the link to the fantastic resource. Choose a topic within 'worksheets' that you feel you need to learn / work on / strengthen then have a go. You will find if you click on the tab at the bottom of the page, the answers will appear, but there's no point in cheating. Remember, if you are stuck, sometimes looking at the answer then working backwards to find out how they got it is a good way of learning, which definitely isn't cheating. 

Then pick a game on the site and try that one. 


Explore sumdog, using your login details from google classroom. Make sure you have a look at spelling and grammar, not just maths.


English: I would like you to write me a balanced argument about whether or not we should open schools now or later, or even not until September. Remember, balanced arguments are not somewhere for you to vent your feelings or opinions, they are exactly what they are called - balanced arguments. You must put both sides of the debate, informatively, articulately (using good vocabulary and grammar) and mostly, without feeling. 

This will require you to do some research into the reasons why schools have been closed (unnecessary travel, potential infection between pupils and staff, parents at the gate unable to socially distance, low attendance due to fear or self isolation, unsafe staffing levels due to isolated staff etc). You will also need to research the consequences of shutting - not just your education, but mental health, parents unable to work affecting the economy..) 

You may end with a conclusion on what should happen, or you may decide there is currently insufficient (not enough) evidence on either side. 

Please take your time with this - it is a long and in-depth piece of work, which I would expect to take many hours, over the whole week. 

Make sure you edit it thoroughly! And ensure your presentation is of the standard you know I expect in class.

Good luck. 

Send me photos of your work, or PDFs, either onto google classroom or to my gmail.


More to follow soon...

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