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Week 6 4.5.2020.

The Oak National Academy

Start at week 1 and work through topics of your choice, at your own speed. If you are interested in the history of World War I and what happened between that and World War II, including how Hitler came to power and the rise of Nazism, then feel free to follow it through all 3 weeks. Similarly, if Darwin and fossils is sparking your curiosity, follow that through. Just try to vary your input.

Sumdog has a new competition, which we stand a good chance in, if lots of people compete. Similarly, TTRockstars - why not challenge another classmate to a duel?


Maths: Complete White Rose work for this week 

Why don't you see if you can help plan the meals and shopping list for the family this week? Could you work out the budget perhaps? And then could you help cook a meal for the family? (Including all the clearing up!) Take a photo and share it with us all.
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