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Week 7. 11.5.20.

Good morning,

I hope you all managed to enjoy the lovely weather, before it changed so dramatically yesterday! This week, I would like you to look at the week's activities on Oak Academy (

If you did the work on the World Wars last week, you will be able to do the English writing this week. If you didn't, you should just go back to the start and follow through at your own speed.

I am enjoying reading your balanced arguments very much indeed and would love to receive them from more of you. (Look at the Home Learning week 5 for details.)


I have set lots of mathletics for you to tackle. Remember the mean is a type of average. Add up all the numbers in a set, then divide by how many numbers you added. (Hopefully that makes sense.)

If you want to try some science at home, construct your own science experiment. Ask a question that intrigues you, or a family member, then design an experiment to explore it. Remember how to make it a fair test (only change 1 variable at a time).

You could ask "What is the best ratio for making bubbles?". To answer this, you would first need to decide what you are measuring? Size of bubble? How consistently you are able to blow a bubble? Which bubbles last longest? You decide!

Try floating a needle on a bowl of water. Then add a drop of washing up liquid. What happens? Why?

With adult supervision, put the connector ends of a battery in a cup of water for a few seconds. Then remove the battery. Watch what happens. Can you explain it?

As always, let us know what you did and what you discovered.

Have fun Ospreys!

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