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Week 8 18.5.2020.

Good morning,

What a lovely week we are forecast - make sure you all switch off any devices and get out into it for some time each day!

Attached are the links for this week's White Rose scheme. Hopefully, you all attempted these last week.

For your English focus, keeping very topical, I would like you to work through the Oak Academy lessons on writing newspaper articles, ( then write me an article on the return of year 6 students to school. You may choose any angle you wish, just remember to keep sentences punchy and close to the facts. Add in quotes (real or made up) and feel free to write it with an angle to a particular 'side' if you wish. Post them on this thread or send them to my email.

There are also a lot of mathletics tasks still outstanding for many of you to tackle. Remember, these consolidate your learning (really make sure it's gone in and you understood it), so it is important to try to keep up, where you can. 


Did any of you do any cooking of meals? Maybe make that a target again for this week.


Keep in touch, but make it meaningful and write with correct grammar at all times please and make sure everyone you are in contact with from the class is remembering to look on here on our class page.

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