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Welcome to Squirrel Class!



Squirrel Class is the name of our Year 3 class.  Mr Martin is the teacher for Squirrel Class.   Mrs Souter is the teaching assistant.


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Weekly Home Learning activities:

1  Practice 'Learn Its' for Tuesdays challenge.

2  Daily reading.  Get Mum or Dad to sign your planner.

3  Learn tables for Wednesday's Test.  

4  Learn spellings for Thursday's test.

5  Mathletics tasks.  (To be completed before Mondays to contribute to weekly points score.)

6  Additional tasks as set.  (I will endeavour to put these on the website when possible.) 

Maths focus for week beginning 12th June 2017:

  • Continuation of Weekly Learn Its challenge to reinforce fast recall of number bonds and multiplication facts.
  • Times tables work and test.
  • Big Maths CLIC challenge.  


  • To use the part, part whole model (distributive property) to divide 'friendly' numbers. 
  • To derive related division facts from known multiplication facts. 
  • To identify missing factors.

Year 3 and 4 statutory words for reading and spelling

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