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Who's Who


Headteacher - Mrs Claire Ratley

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Jane Green

Special Educational Needs Coordinator - Mrs Suzie Deeks

English Coordinator - Mrs Rachel Power

Maths Coordinator - Miss Kate Pizzey

Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mrs Claire Ratley

Alternate Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mrs Jane Green

Online Safety Lead - Mrs Claire Ratley




Teaching Assistant(s)

Osprey (Year 6)

Mrs Janine Pennistone

Mrs Cathie Mulholland

Mrs Linda Borley

Hare (Year 5)

Mrs Rachel Power




Badger (Year 4)

Miss Kate Pizzey (Mon - Thurs)

Mrs Jacqui Pratt-Adams (Fri)

Mrs Wendy Coe

Mrs Ros Betts

Squirrel (Year 3)

Mr William Martin


Mrs Helen Souter


Fox (Year 2)


Mrs Suzie Deeks


Mrs Jo Barry

Mrs Wendy Boldero

Mrs Cathie Mulholland

Robin (Year 1)

Mrs Ruth Larke (Tue - Fri)

Mrs Kate Scales (Monday)


Mrs Tina Campan


Owl (Early Years - Reception)


Mrs Jane Green



Mrs Sam Cunningham

Mrs Tracy Manning


Additional Teaching Staff



Key Stage 2

Early Years

Sports Coach

Woodwind teacher

String teacher

Mrs Jacqui Pratt-Adams

Mrs Mel Mizen

Mr Stuart Green

Mr Lewis Blythe

Mrs Dora Chatzigeorgiou



Office Staff

Office Manager/Finance Manager - Mrs Lynda Mulley

Trust Academy Administrator - Mrs Shane Hales

Cleaning and Caretaking

Caretaker - Mr Peter Woods

Cleaning - Mr Peter Woods, Mrs Shirley Woods


Cook - Mrs Angie Deacon

Catering Assistants - Mrs Shirley Woods and Mrs Lisa Hudson

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