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Children leaving our school will be strong, confident communicators, having forged a life-long love of learning; drawing upon the rich wealth of quality literature and inspirational experiences that we offer throughout their education at Great Barton.

Our children will have a strong foundation of reading and writing skills.  They will discuss and challenge through their secure speaking and listening abilities, engaging with curiosity, creativity and resilience.

We will foster independent, enthusiastic learners who will successfully access all aspects of their future education, across all curriculum subjects; these skills will underpin their adult lives.



These aims are embedded across our English lessons (and the wider curriculum) which closely follows the objectives of the National Curriculum for English 2014.

We have a rigorous and well organised English curriculum that provides many purposeful opportunities for reading, writing and discussion. Teachers adapt the Talk for Writing approach, as appropriate to their classes and teaching sequence.  Wherever possible, cross curricular links with topic work are woven into reading, writing and discussion tasks and activities.



Pupils will make good progress from their own personal starting points. By the end of Year Six they will be able to write clearly and accurately and adapt their language and style in, and for, a range of contexts, purposes and audiences. Our pupils will acquire a wide vocabulary and have a strong command of the written word. Most importantly, they will develop a love of reading and writing, and be well-equipped for the rest of their education.


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