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Ofsted and SIAMS Reports

Please find below our most recent Ofsted and SIAMS reports, and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables. 

Ofsted Inspection 14th and 15th November 2023:

We were very pleased to have our Ofsted inspection in November, having been exempt from inspection until November 2020.  Since the school's last inspection 14 years ago and having seen several big changes to the inspection framework and a complete change of the school from 150 pupils to 210 pupils, we welcomed their visit.  


The key findings from the report were as follows:

  • The school’s warm and caring environment provides a safe space for pupils to thrive and flourish.
  • Adults set high standards for pupils’ learning from early years upwards. Pupils live up to these expectations. They always try their very best in lessons and achieve well.
  • Opportunities for pupils to take part in activities to promote their wider personal development are in abundance. It goes beyond what many pupils may normally get to experience.
  •  A deep culture of mutual respect runs through the school. Pupils, including the very youngest, behave extremely well.
  •  The school’s curriculum provides pupils with a well-curated path to success as they move through the school.
  •  Children in the Reception class learn a rich and precisely designed curriculum. More widely, pupils in Years 1 to 6 benefit from teachers with strong subject knowledge. Teachers explain new concepts clearly, so pupils understand well.
  •  Lessons are calm and rarely disturbed. Pupils have fun in class but respect when it is time to concentrate on their work.
  •  The school’s established personal development programme supports pupils as they grow and develop. This highly considered and deliberate approach helps pupils to develop their character and independence over time.
  •  The school provides effective support for teachers and keeps a close eye on their workload. Staff are united in their approach to provide the best education they can for pupils.
  •  The open flow of information between the board of trustees and school governors ensures that they all have the knowledge needed to carry out their statutory roles effectively. Governors and trustees visit school regularly to quality assure school improvement.
  •  The school needs to provide support and training for staff to ensure targets are precise and activities are carefully adapted to support pupils with SEND to achieve exceptionally well.

Overall effectiveness:  GOOD

The quality of education:  GOOD

Behaviour and attitudes:  OUTSTANDING

Personal development:  OUTSTANDING

Leadership and management:  GOOD

Early years provision:  OUTSTANDING

To read the full report, please visit the Ofsted or school’s websites (links below).

Ofsted Report 2023

SIAMS report July 2019

To read the full report please click the document above.


The key findings of the report were:


• The inspirational leadership of the headteacher, supported by dedicated staff, enables all to flourish in an inclusive Christian community.  The impact of the biblical vision on school improvement is developing. Links with local churches and the diocese are very strong.


• The welcoming, inclusive and nurturing ethos is lived out daily through rotating core values including hope, thankfulness and service.


• Collective worship is engaging and inclusive with pupils playing a prominent part in leading. This supports all pupils and adults to daily live out the values at the heart of the school.


• The ethos, vision and values are the basis from which all pupils are able to achieve their potential academically, socially and spiritually. They have a clear, strong impact on the highly positive relationships between all members of the school community.


• Religious Education (RE) has a high profile in school as an academic subject. Pupils enjoy RE and can link their learning to worship and their daily lives. Their understanding of worldwide issues and faiths is developing. 

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