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Road Safety

Hello, we are the Road Safety Team at Great Barton Primary Academy.  Our names are Brooke, Hattie, Ethan and Hector.  We work to help to raise awareness of road safety in our school and work with the local community.


We are really proud to announce that our school has been re-accredited with Modeshift Stars at the Bronze level. This recognition lasts for one year, so all the JRSOs hard work, and yours supporting them, has achieved this award. We are hoping to continue with new initiatives to improve road safety and sustainable travel to our school and apply for Silver this academic year. Thanks to you all!


Keep Moving Suffolk Walking Challenge


Walk to School Week Monday 16th to Friday 20th May


On the 16th of May till the 20th of May we are having a walk to school week. In that week we would like you to walk,cycle or scoot to school as much as you can during that week. 


You can park and stride if you would like to. You can park at the village hall or the freedom church. Each class will be joining in with walking to school week.


The teacher in your class will give you sticker if you walked, cycled or scooted to school that day. You will stick it on your class sticker chart for walk to school week.


This is not just our school involved with this it is the whole of Suffolk. We do this every year which helps stop pollution and is good for your mental health and lets you notice more wild life, flowers and nature.


From the Junior Road Safety Team.

Fluorescent Fridays

Wear your school uniform but on Fridays try and wear some brightly coloured accessories so you can be seen by other road users on your way to school.


Thank you, to all the parents/carers and pupils, who really made an extra effort this morning to walk to school. The Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO) told me they saw lots more people walking or scooting this morning. 


Keep it up Great Barton School!

Walking Wednesday Poster by Ethan (JRSO)Walking Wednesday Poster by Hector (JRSO)

We have achieved our Bronze Accreditation for Modeshift Stars 2021-2022

Park and Stride

Look out for the park and stride signs.

Park and Stride Route

Great Barton Village Hall committee have given us permission to use their car park as part of our “Park and Stride” scheme.  You can park and stride on any day you’d like, but we would like to encourage ‘Walking Wednesdays’ from now until the end of this term. The car park will be open from 8.30am and again at 2.45pm

Anti-idling Campaign 31st January 2020

We would like all of our families to get involved in a family competition this summer to design a sign for the new "walk to school" route.  Please click on the documents above to find out more.
Competition Deadline extended to 30th September 2019

Winning Design (s)

Puffin Crossing Relocation

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