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Reading regularly at home is just as important in Key Stage 2 as it was in Key Stage 1, when your child was first learning to blend sounds and to decode words. This is only the first stage of reading as, in Key Stage 2, we focus far more on understanding the text, building upon our vocabulary and experiencing a range of different genres.


We expect your child to read to an adult at home at least three times each week and strongly encourage you to find time to read to your child as this is hugely beneficial in teaching them to read expressively and allowing them to access books which they might not be able to read themselves as yet, with understanding.


We have a 'Reader of the Month' challenge in Badger Class, where the child (or children) who have read at home for the most days of that month receive a certificate and a book prize.


Please see the following link for a current list of recommended books for Year 4.     

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