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Our Values in action

Our value this half term is Forgiveness

Spring 2024


 Symbols of Forgiveness


When we forgive, we let go of negative feelings, resentment, and anger towards someone who has caused us harm.  


It is important to acknowledge that we are not trying to excuse the wrong behaviour, but rather free ourselves of the negative emotions, so that we can heal and move forward.


There are lots of signs of forgiveness from different cultures and religions.  There is the dove and the olive branch, which come from the Bible.


Either produce a piece of artwork which shows a symbol of forgiveness from around the world, or make a symbol of your own.  Can you explain why this symbolises forgiveness?



The entries will be displayed on the collective worship board in school.


The closing date for entries is  Monday 25th March 2024




Our Christian Values

Collective Worship is practiced daily at Great Barton.  Mrs Ratley leads collective worship for the school and works closely with the children and teachers as well as members of the local churches to deliver collective worship.  A typical week is:


Monday - Whole School Worship

Tuesday - Sing Praise

Wednesday - Whole school worship (this is led by Father Ben)

Thursday - "Open the Book" or School Council worship

Friday - Greatness worship (led by year 6 where we celebrate the class achievements)


We use the Imaginor Roots and Fruits materials to support our Worship.  We focus on a number of Christian Values across the terms.  Please click on the document above to see which values we focus on.  

The CWL Team

The CWL (Collective Worship Leaders) team work with Mrs Ratley to help to plan Collective Worship for the school.  They offer their ideas for how Collective Worship can be developed; help to lead worship and come up with ideas for the whole school to live out our Christian values in action.


Our team consists of the following children:


Owl Class:  We are waiting for their nominations

Robin Class: Aila and Frank

Fox Class: Robyn and Toby

Squirrel Class: Libby and Maisie

Badger Class: Tabitha-Lily and Raif

Hare Class: Esme and Harry

Osprey Class: Beth and Jackson


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