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Ospreys Take Flight at Super Snape



On Thursday 7th March 2019, Osprey class of Great Barton Primary Academy, participated in an event called “Celebration” at Snape Maltings; a spectacular performance that had the audience on their feet.


Snape Maltings is in England, near the coast and Orford.  It is a two hour trip from Bury St Edmunds.  Snape holds loads of different concerts throughout the year, but this one was for schools.


Over 500 people attended the fantastic auditorium of Snape Maltings and parents from Great Barton all agree that they were definitely the best.  Another popular performance was Kesgrave High School, who performed:  The Circle of Life – The Lion King and two well-known songs; one from High School Musical and one from Matilda.

Great Barton sang two breath-taking songs: ‘Souallé’ and ‘I Turn On The Tap’.  The first song was an African lullaby, whilst the second song was representing the fact that we have clean water and other people don’t.


They were accompanied by two musicians:  Dulcie on the clarinet, playing the lowest part of 'Souallé’ and Madeleine playing the introductions and ending of both songs on her violin.  Both presented outstandingly.


Mrs Sherlock – from Great Barton quoted, “It was a very uplifting evening and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  It’s amazing that all of the class, as opposed to a hand-picked choir, performed so brilliantly”.  Many other comments like this were made after they sang.


The finale song was jaw-dropping, considering all the power that the students developed.  A Snape Maltings staff member – Lucy – complimented Great Barton by saying that they were amazing.


After the performance ended (at around 9pm) Osprey class were shattered from singing, but proud of their performance in not only ‘Souallé’ and ‘I Turn On The Tap’, but also by the finale song 'A Glass of Water' (a modern and up-beat song written by Sarah Jewell).  Its powerful lyrics impacted the audience greatly, but left them in a cheerful mood.


A pupil told us, "Performing at Snape Maltings was a wonderful experience, which is a chance I may never have again."  All of the children were full of joy as this was the perfect experience for the pupils to come closer together as a class and to feel young and free.


Despite being extremely tired after, they can all admit that it was 100% worth it.

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