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Spiritual Day 7th September 2018

Spiritual Day eased us back into school nicely.  The children and staff had time and space to develop a sense of self, reflecting on their strengths and weaknesses, and questioning what their unique potential may be.  They explored what drives them as a person, and asked fundamental questions about themselves and their place in the world.

We assembled together in the morning and reflected upon the wonderful world that we live in.  We thought about things in the natural world that we are thankful for.  Responses included: plants, animals, families, friends and the children will be adding more to our assembly board as the half term progresses.

Each class then returned to their classrooms and participated in different spiritual activities with a focus on awareness sensing, mystery sensing and value sensing.  They pondered questions such as: "Who am I?" "What are my stories?" and ""Where do I fit in the bigger picture?".  Each class made a scrapbook of their reflections throughout the day (which you are welcome to come in and share, they are in the front entrance hall).  We joined back together at the end of the day to share our activities, thoughts and ideas with the whole school.


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