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Tim the Ranger - School Grounds Development

Tim the Ranger has been busy over the last few months helping to develop our school grounds so that the children can utilise the spaces around the school more and making the school grounds tidier and more attractive places for children to work and play.


He has done two main areas of work so far:


Firstly, developing a garden area outside Badger classroom, which includes seating and will be planted up with flowers and shrubs later on in the spring term.  It is certainly a lot tidier and attractive than the old patch of mud and is proving a popular playtime area to sit quietly, write, draw and play.


The second area that has been developed is the Pebble Pond area.  Tim has re-lined the pond as well as re-positioning some of the plants and creating some log piles and places for frogs, toads and newts to shelter around the pond.  He has created a new second entrance to Pebble Pond and a pathway, which will eventually lead to a new seating area which can be used for lessons based around the pond and in the conservation area.


We are hoping that Tim can help us to develop some of the other spaces around the school grounds to make them more attractive places for the children to use and enjoy.

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